Life-changing: Have You Found it?

There is an article out there, patiently waiting to change your life. Have you found it?

One Big Idea

If it’s Peter Thiel, it’s Mimetic Theory. If it’s George Soros, it’s Reflexivity. If it’s Warren Buffett, it’s Value Investing.

Many of the most successful people found their edge by finding one big idea and orienting themselves with it. They wield it as a tool, forging themselves forward.

There’s an article out there, waiting for you. Once you read it, it will change your life. I can’t tell you it’s title or what it’s about. I can only tell you, that once you read it, you’ll know. It will be seared in your brain.

Nobody − not me, not Thiel, Soros, or Buffett − can find it for you. The best way to find it is to follow your curiosity.

Have you found yours?