What Superpower Do You Want?

If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?

When I was younger I debated this frequently. Being Spiderman sounded fun, until I realized that I lived in the suburbs. Running fast was intriguing, but flying would be more interesting. But, I ultimately decided that I wanted to be able to teleport. That way I could play with my friends as much as possible, and still be on time for dinner. It would also help me get in and out of the LEGO store.

I always ask my friends, teammates, and co-workers this question. It’s a great way to pass the time, but it’s also valuable because you get to hear why people pick certain superpowers.

You learn much more about a person when they tell you why they’d be Batman instead of Iron Man versus hearing them tell you about their favorite food.

Additionally, as your life progresses, I find that your power also changes because your priorities change. Teleporting would still be fantastic, but needing less sleep became my power in college. Some people now tell me they wish they could heal friends and loved ones.

I believe this is why the superpower question is so enamoring. It forces us to evaluate priorities, use our imagination, and reflect.

The world needs more of this.